CCHB Refuge Men's Support Group Signup

This group is comprised of mainly Businessmen and others that have families, and are going through the same things, just different times. The difference is that all this time, we thought we were alone.

It is a simple grassroots ministry that keeps eachother accoutable for our actions and gives encouragement when the it arises or ask for. We are all prayer warriors. Support can come by phone or email, it is up to you.
Currently there is a small group of 10 as of August 2007.

You will get an email typically, once a month and sometimes weekly, when I get the time.

The info is private and you need to respond to a confirmation email before you join.
The email account is tied to our company so you will see these words in the subject line.

"Technology Newsletter -- Requires Confirmation"


Eric Kirkhuff

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